I-Train Approval :

At AEC, we are here to assist you in streamlining the I-Train approval process

The AEC team is experienced in guiding and supporting RTPD/CTPD private for-profit and private non-profit providers through the process of obtaining I-Train approval and inclusion in the Regional/Community Training Provider Directory .

Here's how we can help:

Initial Assessment : We will assess your organization’s readiness for I-Train approval by reviewing your programs, resources, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Gap Analysis : Our team will conduct a thorough gap analysis to identify any areas that need improvement or alignment with I-Train requirements. We will provide recommendations to address these gaps effectively.

Documentation Preparation : We will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation, including program descriptions, curriculum outlines, training materials, and supporting evidence, to demonstrate compliance with I-Train standards.

Compliance Review : Our experts will review your documentation and processes to ensure they meet the I-Train requirements. We will provide feedback and guidance for any necessary revisions or enhancements

Application Submission : We will guide you through the application submission process, ensuring that all required forms and documents are completed accurately and submitted within the specified timelines.

Follow-up and Communication : Throughout the process, we will communicate with the relevant authorities on your behalf, promptly and efficiently addressing any inquiries or additional requirements promptly and efficiently.

Ongoing Support : Even after obtaining I-Train approval, our team will continue to provide support and guidance to ensure your ongoing compliance with I-Train standards and assist with any updates or modifications to your programs.

By working closely with our experienced AEC team, you can confidently navigate the I-Train approval process, ensuring that your organization meets the requirements and achieves inclusion in the RTPD/CTPD.

"Please contact us for assistance and guidance throughout the I-Train process."

We have collaborated with educational institutions nationwide that hold accreditation from prominent national and regional agencies, including: