In the first part of our guide on maintaining compliance with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary ( Education regulations, we covered program objectives, curriculum, and admission standards. In this continuation, we delve deeper into the regulations concerning withdrawal policies, staff qualifications, and refunds, which are critical areas for vocational schools, universities, and colleges. Our team at Accreditation Expert Consulting is dedicated to helping institutions navigate these complex regulations to maintain compliance, secure state authorization, and uphold accreditation standards.

BPPE Regulation Compliance Guide
BPPE Regulation Compliance Guide

1.Withdrawal Policies and Refunds

Understanding the Right to Cancel and Refund Entitlements

Students can cancel their enrollment by the first class session or within seven days after enrollment, whichever comes later. If a student cancels within this period, they are entitled to a full refund of all charges, except for a reasonable deposit or application fee not exceeding $250. This refund includes any charges for used or opened equipment and materials.

After the cancellation period, students are entitled to withdraw at any time, and they may receive a pro-rata refund of services paid for but not received, up to and including 60% of the period of attendance. This pro-rata refund is calculated based on the number of days or hours attended versus the total period of the program.

Pro-Rata Refund Calculation Steps:

  1. Determine the daily or hourly charge for the program (Total Institutional Charge ÷ number of days or hours in the program).
  2. Identify the number of days or hours attended or scheduled before withdrawal.
  3. Calculate the total amount owed to the institution (daily/hourly charge × days/hours attended).
  4. Identify the total amount the student paid and any non-refundable fees, which must be clearly stated in the enrollment agreement.
  5. Subtract non-refundable fees from the total amount paid to determine the refundable amount.
  6. Calculate the refund due to the student (Refundable Amount – Amount Owed to the Institution).
BPPE Regulation Compliance
BPPE Regulation Compliance

Title IV Compliance

Institutions participating in federal student financial aid programs under Title IV must also provide a pro-rata refund of non-federal student financial aid program monies for students who complete 60% or less of the period of attendance.

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2. Director, Administrator, and Faculty Qualifications

Director and Administrative Staff

The institution’s director is responsible for the daily operations and supervising all administrative and instructional staff. The director and other administrators must have adequate experience or qualifications to manage the institution effectively.

Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

The CAO oversees the institution’s academic affairs, including faculty supervision, educational program development, and curriculum implementation. The CAO should possess qualifications equal to the highest level required of the faculty and ensure alignment with the institution’s mission and objectives.

Faculty Requirements

  • For Degree Programs: Faculty must have a degree equivalent to the level of instruction being taught, obtained from an accredited or BPPE-approved institution. If degrees are obtained outside the U.S. or Canada, they must be evaluated by a recognized credential-evaluating service.
  • For Non-Degree Programs: Faculty should have at least three years of relevant experience, education, and training in the subject area they are teaching, along with knowledge of current practices and continuing education in their field.


Compliance with BPPE regulations requires a thorough understanding of withdrawal policies, staff qualifications, and refund procedures. Institutions must maintain clear, documented policies that align with BPPE standards to ensure that both the educational goals and students’ rights are adequately protected.

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